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New Online Slots

We all love new things, don’t we? No matter how much we love this or that game, we gradually get tired and bored. We need to try something new, all the time. New features, new themes, new bonuses. That’s why we love and need new slots so much! We love any element of novelty, be it new symbols, new features, new characters or a new jackpot.

New slots are something that numerous online casinos and software providers create and release every month. Such great professionals as RTG, BetSoft, NetEnt and Microgaming, release new slots twice a month!

New online slots are designed and released so often, because providers try to satisfy various needs and preferences of every gambler. And don’t we know how different gamblers can be? We have our own, unique preferences concerning themes, features, symbols. That’s why games providers try so hard to offer something big, something exclusive, something for PCs and mobile devices. And every new slot from a professional games provider is welcomed with great happiness.

Games providers give us, slot lovers, an enormous choice of new games, and each product gives us pleasure and chances to win great money.

Reasons For Big Love

A release of any new slot is a reason for great celebration in the gambling world. Many gamblers are slot enthusiasts, so they welcome every new game with great pleasure.

New slots give us, gamblers, tons of surprises. That’s why the vast universe of slot games keeps on expanding, and new slots are added to well-loved and popular games, which have been existed for many years. It’s important to stay tuned with the latest developments in the gambling world and join those gamblers, who are first to test new games. Crowds of gamblers want to get the privilege of becoming among those first testers of new slots, because it’s so exciting to experience the new slot’s atmosphere, features and potential. Those gamblers, who like experimenting, fulfil their passion for novelty, while playing new slots.

Our website keeps on informing you of all new releases. We offer brand new slots from popular and licensed online casinos. You can choose any new release and give it a try right here and we promise you that your experience will be unforgettable!

Try New Slots!

Games providers offer new slots in a great variety of design and themes, it means, that playing new slots will give you an amazingly rich gaming experience. You can move either in Ancient Greece, or in the future, in the open space.

You’ll surely find your new favorite slot according to your preferences, if you like movies or music, mythology or nature, sports or animals. Every theme, every mood is reflected in new slots. What’s more, every new slot is filled with first-class quality. It has advanced graphics, fantastic visual effects and marvelous sound effects. They enhance the impressions of gaming, so you’ll believe that you’ve really found yourself somewhere in the outer space or in the Ancient Greece.

New Types of Slots

Online casinos offer various types of new online slots, including fruit slots, 3D slots, classic slots, video slots. They can be based on everything popular, for example, movies, comic books, TV shows and so on.

New slots can also differ in a number of pay-lines, that means the quantity of lines, which cross the reels and give you some payouts, when the game’s symbols align and match. Every type of slots has its own number of pay-lines and reels. Classic slots normally have three reels and three or five pay-lines, so do fruit slots. Online video slots normally have five reels and a great number of pay-lines, from 9 to 243. The same can be said about 3D slots.

New Slots’ Features

New slots have a great number of bonuses and special features. Here we’ll tell you about some most important and popular special symbols and features.

A Wild symbol can substitute for all the other symbols, except for some other special symbols. A Wild feature can be expanding, when it expands across the whole reel and turns all the symbols, located there, into Wild ones.

A Scatter symbol works in teams. Three Scatters (or more of them) trigger some special features, for example, a Bonus round or some Free Spins.

A Multiplier symbol increases a winning payout by double or triple.

Gamble Rounds or Double Up Rounds give gamblers a chance to increase their wins by guessing the suit or the color of the card.

Some Tips

And finally we’ll share some secret tips with you. We hope that they’ll help you to enjoy playing the slot game and increase your wins. First of all, remember that a slot game is just a game of luck. You can’t control this game and make it produce large wins. But there are some steps which you undertake for improving your odds and increasing your winning chances.

First of all, don’t forget to check payout odds of the online casino, where you want to play. Though some online casinos have the same payout odds, there still can be a difference.

Secondly, don’t rush to the nearest random slot. Choose the game you’ll play wisely and slowly. The more reels the slot has, the larger the payouts you’ll get. The best odds are said to be found on slots with three reels.

No matter how you’re excited, you should know when it’s time to quit. If you see that lady luck is not on your side today, try to leave the game before you lose all your money.