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Our website was created especially for you, gamblers, and it’s destined to become your most favorite place. Here you’ll find a vast database with all the online slots ever created. What’s more, each of them is accompanied with a detailed description. So we’re absolutely sure that you won’t leave our website without the game that you were looking for.

Slots are something that never changes. No matter where you’re used to playing them – in real casinos or in their online branches – you surely know the rules. You just have to insert your own money, choose your lucky pay-line, make your bet and make the reels move. That’s how simple it is!

In comparison with slots in real casinos you’ll notice that online slots are much more convenient. First of all, you won’t have to go anywhere and leave your cozy armchair, when you suddenly feel like gambling a bit. Secondly, there’s no one disturbing you, because you’re perfectly alone with your desktop or your favorite mobile device. Thirdly, you can choose the game you’re going to play easily and quickly. You can move from slot machine to slot machine, or from online casino to online casino. What’s more, your deposit to online casinos will be significantly cheaper that your deposit in a real casino.

So, what’s the conclusion? Online slots very little differ from slot machines in real casinos, but they have a great number of additional benefits. So why not try online versions of your favorite machines, sucking your money? You’ll have a possibility to compare your experience and maybe you’ll love online slots better.

And our website is your best friend here, because we’ll help you to choose the right slot game and start playing.

Mobile Slots

Mobile gambling is developing rapidly, because many gamblers are very busy people, travel from one country to another. That’s why the overall industry of mobile gambling is expected to rise as high as $72 billion in 2020. Online slots are developing too and attracting more and more customers, willing to try their luck while traveling or doing something else.

Actually it’s much more convenient to visit online casinos via tablet or phone. It’s like you always have slot machines in your pocket and you can spin the reels any time you want. If we compare quantity of online casino games representing all the possible categories, we’ll find that slots are the biggest part of all the huge collection. Every online casino invites gambler to enjoy a great number of slots, available via iPhone or Android, Blackberry or Windows devices.

If you want to become one of those gamblers, who play their favorite slot via their favorite mobile device, the first thing you should do is download the special app from your favorite online casino or in the app store. Some online casinos offer to download their slots via their own QR code, which is very convenient. All the information that might be interesting for you can be found in the online casino’s terms and conditions. And we’ll tell you which online casinos can offer you mobile versions of their games, compatible with your favorite mobile device.

Slots for every mobile device!

We are very pleased to offer you any possible casino slot available for your mobile device, whether it be iPhone, or iPad, or Android, or any other iOS absolutely for free! Right here you can choose the best slot machine and bring it directly onto your phone or tablet! You can easily browse our huge collection in search of the games with best special features and delicious bonuses!

Slots Types

Since there’s an incredible variety of slot games in the gambling world, it’s necessary to know main differences between them. Here we’ve made a list with all the categories of slots and their descriptions

. • Classic Slots. Which gambler doesn’t like good old classics? Classic slots are not something outdated, they are rather stylish, elegant and reliable. They will never stop attracting gamblers and excite them!

Good old slot machines are for those who prefer things to be steady and familiar. That’s the way classic slots are. Their general mechanism hasn’t changed greatly and it will never change. There are modern products that can’t be called classic, but good old slot machines are for those who love tradition and style.

Actually we call a slot game classic, when it has 3 reels and a traditional design. It may sound boring, but in fact such slots are cool. They remind us of the very beginning, the time when the very first generation of such greedy one-hand bandits could only be found in real casinos or in some diners, where you could try your luck after inserting a penny and pulling the lever. Wasn’t this exciting? As a matter of fact, it was slot games which were the first ones to move to the internet and become available online. All the contemporary slots are children of those good old clumsy slot machines.

• Video Slots. Nowadays it’s one of the most popular category of slot games, because they can offer unlimited variety of options and features, which is convenient for both gamblers and software developers. At the moment there are many thousands of games, belonging to video slot category. Their variety is unlimited, so everybody can find the game which will match all their preferences concerning design, special features and bonuses. You can find easy games for beginners and complicated games with tricky features for professional gamblers.

What’s more, some video slots remind us of good times of classic fruit machines, combining online format with traditions.

And every single video slot, which has ever ben created in this world, you’ll find on our website. We are extremely proud to present you one of the widest collections of video slots from a great number of various casino games developers. You may as well spend hours and hours while browsing our vast collection and you’ll never get bored! Actually, it’s impossible to imagine any online casino without a library of video slot games, that’s how popular this game category is!

Literally all casino games developers offer a vast number of video slots. The list of video slots providers includes such prominent and famous companies as Playtech, Rival, Microgaming, NetEnt and many others. All products of these companies can be found in our enormous collection, so you’ll easily find the necessary game from the necessary provider. Sometimes gamblers become fans of specifically this or that games provider and stick to the games, provided by them.

Our website invites you to enjoy brilliant video slots for free, it means just for fun and without any registration or deposit. It’s a good start and training, and then you’ll be ready to play your most favorite games in the real mode for your own money. Who knows, maybe your favorite product will bring you tons of luck and wins! We’ll happily redirect you to the online casino, offering this particular game in the real mode. You’ll have to create your own account there, deposit some real money and start playing. It may be extremely exciting.

• Progressive Slots. This special type of slots is accompanied by progressive jackpots. Those jackpots increase all the time you play. There are two main categories of progressive jackpots. The first category is standalone, when the progressive jackpot only increases in one particular game. The second category is based on the whole network of various games, united by one and the same online casino or games provider. A good example of a slot game with networked progressive slot is Megabuck, created by IGT company. This game is networked through numerous online casinos. The jackpots rise thanks to the tiny percentage that the game takes out of each bet, and this percentage is used to “fuel” the progressive jackpot. That’s how progressive jackpots become larger and larger.

• 3D slots. This category is a truly new generation of slots. It’s a new concept of slot games based on realistic 3D graphics. 3D casino games may seem to have little difference from traditional video slots, but that’s only from the first glance. Actually, 3D slots present you traditional slot features together with breathtaking 3D storyline, which gives you unforgettable experience. Each 3D slot game is accompanied by luxurious visual effects, realistic animated gameplay and fantastic soundtrack. In other words, while playing any 3D slot, you’ll clearly understand why this category of games is becoming so popular.

3D slots offer a huge variety of features, and numerous slot designers and developers do the real magic and create magnificent masterpieces boosted with short videos and intros. What’s more, 3D slots can represent any possible atmosphere, from romantic story to thrilling adventure.

Since this category of games is relatively new, only a few online casinos can boast of offering 3D slots. But we are sure that the quantity of 3D slots is going to increase every year. We offer you to have a glance at several demos of 3D slots, and when you watch them, you’ll see why 3D slots are really worth playing. We are keeping an eye on all the newest releases of 3D slot games in order to tell you the latest news about them. Our collection of 3D slots is constantly growing and offering you new masterpieces created by Microgaing, BetSoft, RabCat and many other games providers.

Apart from the categories, mentioned above, slot games also differ in other characteristics. For example, there can be penny slots, which allow gamblers to bet only one cent per line. As you can understand, this type of slots is the cheapest one.

Various slots also offer various quantity of wins. There can be 243, 1024 and 3125 ways to win. It means that apart from traditional left-to-right set of pay-lines, the game calculates a large quantity of possible outcomes, which can randomly appear on the reels. It’s clear that the more ways to win the slot offers, the more luck you’ll have while playing it.

Slots Worldwide

Now let’s have a look at slot situation in various countries. What we call a slot in the USA and in Canada is a fruit machine in Great Britain and a puggy in Scotland. Australia gamblers always say “poker machine” or just a “pokie”, when we mean a slot machine. Somewhat weird, isn’t it?

We also call slots “one-armed bandits”, because slot machines actually have only one arm! Their arm is a lever, which we normally pull after inserting a coin into the machine. And it’s evident, that any slot machine can make any gambler poor, that’s why it’s a bandit.

The USA is considered the territory of the largest slot market in the whole world, there are so many real and online casinos, offering slots, in this country! Europe (especially the United Kingdom) follows the USA in this sphere, and then we have countries of Middle East.

We also must mention Las Vegas as the most popular tourist attraction with casinos and slots. But it’s not the only casino city, because China has Macau, the UK has London, and Monaco has Monte Carlo. Those cities have an enormous quantity of casinos too.

Such game providers as Microgaming and Playtech are located in Great Britain. RealTime Gaming company is from the USA. NetEnt is from Sweden.

So you’ll see that the whole world of gambling is located on our website and the only thing you have to do is to choose your favorite game and start playing!