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Can anything be better and more exciting than playing online slots at home? Absolutely not. Some gamblers love incredible shows, luxurious restaurants and fantastic variety of games, other players don’t like crowds of people around and prefer cozy solitude at home. Moreover, journeys to land-based gambling palaces are quite expensive. That’s the reason why they prefer playing at home or anywhere else, using their iPad, Android device or any other favorite mobile device. They like privacy, silence and economical approach while playing exciting slots for their own real money. Well, if you belong to this category of players, you will surely love playing slots online. Online slots for real money little differ from slots at real gambling places. The only difference is the fact that digital slots can have three, five or even seven reels.

Starting Time is Now?

We are eager to explain to you how to play for real money. And that’s not all. Here you’ll be able to go to one of casino websites directly from this page. Each slot, presented here, has been thoroughly checked by our experts, and you can be absolutely sure that the game, chosen by you, is one of the possibly best games ever.

No Worries About Safety

All people, who have never played slots online, worry about safety. They frequently ask: is my private information safe enough? Is my money safe enough? Is the game process fair and the result random?

We are here to assure you that you have completely nothing to worry about. Online casinos earn much more money playing fairly and honestly. And the amount of their earnings counts up to dozens, hundreds and even millions dollars every year. They also spend thousands dollars on getting official licenses and regular checking of their software.

Of course, this doesn’t ever guarantee, that fraud is totally impossible at slots. No one can guarantee it. But still it’s a good opportunity to keep far from unreliable casinos, which don’t deserve your trust. First of all, you should register and play at trustworthy and licensed casinos. We make our reviews because we want you to choose secure and reliable websites.

What’s more, your guts never lie. If the casino’s support team doesn’t answer your questions well enough, if it takes weeks and months to cash out your winnings, you’d better deposit your money to some other casino.

You can also keep your bankroll at various casinos at the same time, in order to make your possible losses as little as possible.

Online Slots For High and Low Rollers!

Online slots are very different. High rollers and low rollers can find their favorite games corresponding to their budgets. Whether you have $20 or $20,000, you surely have an incredible chance to find the perfectly fitting game for you and win.

Low rollers will definitely like slots with one cent per spin. Such games are called penny slots and they will allow you to use your bankroll of $10 or $20 as long as possible. We personally like such cheap slots. We play them and bet on all the lines, so each spin costs about 50 cents. Normally we can spend our bankroll of $20 during thirty minutes of the game, if we don’t hurry and have enough luck.

High rollers can also find slots machines corresponding with their preferable wagers. An average bet is $5 per line or $150 per spin. But some casinos allow gamblers to bet higher.

Play Slots for Real Money and Win Real Jackpots!

Many people like and use the incredible opportunity to enjoy playing online slots absolutely for free. That’s true, you really can enjoy mini-games and bonus games, as if you have deposited your money.

But what’s the main difference? When you don’t spend any money on gambling, you lose your possibility to win a huge jackpot. It’s evident that no one can guarantee you giant winnings. As majority of gamblers you will probably win $1 here and 20 cents there, maybe you will even win $35 for a single spin.

But when you play online slots for real money, you get a chance to win a huge amount of money, which will change your entire life.

Even if chances to win are quite low, you still have them, when you spend your own real money on plyaing. And if you don’t, it means that you have no chance at all! So does it meant that you definitely want to lose this incredible opportunity to win several hundreds or thousands of dollars? No, we don’t believe it. We don’t think so. That’s the reason why we so strongly recommend you to spend your own real money in a casino, mentioned in our reviews, and start playing today. Who knows, maybe your huge jackpot is already waiting for you!

Bonuses For Playing Real Money

Bonuses are one of the most pleasant things in online gambling. They are extremely popular, because they give a huge number of additional opportunities to win money. Online slots have as many bonuses as any other casino game. First of all, right after registration you’ll get Welcome Bonus. Some casinos reward gamblers for beginning to play online slots for their own real money. Different casinos set their own amount of this type of bonuses, but all of them have something in common: they invite gamblers to enjoy them because they inspire their customers to start playing. It means that, it is an amazing feature for attracting new gamblers. Bonuses can double your deposit, and at some casinos their amount doesn’t depend upon the amount of your deposit.

There are also some main bonuses in online slots, which give gamblers some rewards for these or those activities, chosen by the website. Sometimes casinos offer Season Bonuses, created for celebrating important holidays. They are not strictly connected with dates, so it’s up to gamblers to keep their eyes on the casino’s schedule, if they don’t want to miss any bonus. The main bonuses may appear and disappear at any moment, and they are in force within limited period of time.

A Reload Bonus is a part of a player’s deposit. It normally concerns all the following deposits after the first one. These bonuses help the casino website to keep their loyal customers and make them return to the casino and keep playing for real money.

Some bonuses reward players for inviting and bringing their friends or relatives to the casino website. You can receive this bonus, when your friend comes to your favorite casino site following your recommendation. Special rules regulate such bonuses and you have to follow them if you want to get your bonus safe and sound. Any abuse of these regulations will disqualify you from this bonus, even if your friends came to the casino website following your recommendation, deposited their first money and started to play.

Rules of depositing and withdrawing

You can deposit your money and withdraw your winnings in slots the same way you do that in any other casino games for real money. For example, you can make a deposit from any type of e-wallets or credit cards. Many casinos support payment via MasterCard, Visa Electron or Visa, several various e-wallets and bank transfers. The minimal deposit at slots online is much smaller than at land-based gambling palaces, because expenses for an online casino are much smaller than expenses for a land-based casino, that’s why gamblers can enjoy bigger withdrawals and winnings at online casinos.

All winnings come to a gambler’s account. When the amount is higher than the minimal limit for withdrawl, you can make a cashout the same way as you make a deposit.

FAQ about games for real money

Are games for real money secure and safe? Are those games honest or do casinos somehow influence results of the games?

The software, which is used by the casino, directly influences the safety of a game. If a gambler plays in a reliable, respectable casino, which uses the secure and trustworthy software, they can be totally sure that the games are absolutely safe and honest. Slot machines have a random number generator, which guarantees that every spin is unpredictable, random and honest. RNG is regularly checked by a respectable independent auditor, and this guarantees the fair gameplay at this casino.

What if I suddenly need help? Who do I come to?

Telling you the truth, the customer support at online casinos are much better that at land-based gambling places. At online casino you definitely can enjoy the customized service and opportunity to talk to a person, representing the customer support team directly. And you can choose anything to talk about: the status of your bonus points, about some features of this or that slot machine. The support operators know all the recent changes, tasty promotions and interesting new games, so they can send you information notices to your email, if you agree to receive all this information. If your question is extremely urgent, you can use live chat or order the direct phone call as soon as possible.